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Bring Out Your Inner Child with Matilda Tickets

Get ready to relive the wonder of childhood with Matilda — the Olivier and Tony Awards winner mega-hit musical, as it returns to Cambridge Theatre for its upcoming UK tour. The much appreciated and acclaimed musical is a treat for audiences of all ages. Inspired by the masterpiece of the same name by Roald Dahl, the legendary children’s writer, the Royal Shakespeare Company brings you the delight of childhood and innocence in a soulful musical enjoyed and loved by people all over the world. The story is one of undying hope and the power of imagination. While it is a favourite among children for its sheer elements of wonder and weird fun, it takes the adults to the nostalgia of childhood adventures. So, book your Matilda tickets and hop on the joyride!

A Treat for Your Eyes and Ears

The energizing music and choreography are the key to Matilda’s success. The popular Australian comedian and composer, Tim Minchin, has brought out his best musical acumen in crafting the beautiful yet enthralling songs of the production. Director Dennis Kelly has done a wonderful job in putting together elements of poignant theme and captivating performance wrapped up in witty comedy. While the bone-tickling dialogues often come out of the child actors’ mouths, it hits the adult audience with strange realizations. Of course, the Roald Dahl creation, on which the play is based, has been a massive hit across the world. But the play, through its unique presentation, matches the sheer brilliance of the story to elevate into a masterpiece. The multi-award-winning show has toured extensively, including Australia, New Zealand, United States, Korea, Ireland, and the Philippines. Noticeably, like their domestic tours, Matilda tickets for their international runs have mostly been completely sold-out.

The Story of a Magical Girl

Matilda is the story of an extraordinary young girl. Her mother calls her a miracle. She is a child with exceptional intelligence but unfortunately is born to a family that hardly understands her. Troubled with her parents’ insensible behaviour, Matilda seeks refuge in the world of books and dreams of a better life. She eventually develops a deep, yet unusual bond with her teacher Miss Honey, who, for the first time in her young life, understands and appreciates Matilda for her amazing qualities. However, her parents are not the only trouble Matilda has to face. She along with other kids at school is repeatedly troubled by Miss Trunchbull. The evil headmistress does not like children and makes up innovative punishments to torment the students who don’t abide by her strict rules. But, Matilda is not a person to back down! With her extraordinary powers and the help from Miss Honey, she stands up to all her demons. Her story reveals the power of imagination and inspiration. Getting Matilda tickets is your chance to experience the magical journey. Packed with high-energy choreography and peppy songs, this will be an unforgettable experience for you and your kids alike.

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