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A Breath of Fresh Air

Are you bored with all the sweetness and romance of ‘happily ever afters’? Are you a 21st-century woman who relishes a break from the clichéd ‘damsel in distress’ plotlines? Or do you simply love a jukebox musical full of all-time hit pop songs? If any of your answers are yes to these questions, then & Juliet is a must-watch for you. The brand new production, opened in 2019, has already created quite a buzz among the theatre-lovers across England and is all set to make a smashing comeback at the Shaftesbury Theatre, London. The new-age story takes on an eternal classic and remixes it. If you want to enjoy something fresh and familiar at once, & Juliet tickets is your best chance.

Second Chances and New Beginnings 

& Juliet is a wonderful twist to the classic Romeo and Juliet. However, unlike the original classic, this is more Juliet’s story than the eternal romance of the two star-crossed lovers. It dwells on the bizarre but intriguing question—what if Juliet had not chosen to die and instead, started a new life, living her own dreams? This is exactly the question Shakespeare’s wife, Anna Hathaway, asks him. Disliking the tragic ending of the story, she insists her husband to change it. Fulfilling her wishes, Shakespeare gives Juliet a second chance at life where she puts down the dagger and goes on a girls’ trip to Paris with her friends instead. But things go askew when an unusual love triangle develops, and Romeo comes back to life miraculously.

The story is one of self-discovery, healing, and hope. Here, in this modern-day ballad, Juliet writes her own destiny despite all the odds. In today’s time, where women empowerment has become a prominent narrative in many of the leading productions, & Juliet stands out as one of the sincerest and earnest portrayals of self-love and individuality and breaks all the stereotypes of gender discourses by presenting it in a sharp, witty manner. & Juliet tickets for their upcoming run are available now. Order yours if you don’t want to miss out.

A Dazzling Performance

The jukebox musical, created by the sensational songwriter and lyricist Max Martin and based on the book by David West Read, has been winning hearts since its premiere in the West End. Miriam-Teak Lee, the brilliant English actress playing the titular role, has won the Olivier Award for her power-packed performance. The production also features several popular stars from both England and the United States, including Jordan Luke Gage as Romeo, Cassidy Janson as April, Oliver Tompsett as Shakespeare, and David Bedella as Lance. The hyperactive performance is both captivating and entertaining, especially because of the famous pop numbers it features.

Composer Max Martin’s popular songs, voiced by the likes of Katy Perry, Maroon 5, Ariana Grande, Britney Spears, Taylor Swift, The Backstreet Boys, and The Weeknd, have all found a place in this brilliant piece. If you want to relive the nostalgia, then book your & Juliet tickets today. It will be your perfect opportunity to enjoy smashing performance and your favourite songs, all in one place.

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